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Art & Project Submission Rules


Checklist -Don't be upset if your work is rejected because you didn't read these guidelines! 


Permissible Content


Type - Your anime episodes, manga novels, and music videos are PROJECTs, not a GALLERY. We have a separate place for your art. We also have a special place specifically for vocaloid artists on our music site which is distinct from our main social network. You can upload your art as photos under the artwork section.  Make sure that your anime episodes or manga have an ongoing plot, not just for the purpose of showing off your art skills.

Style – We primarily focus on manga. But if you are more comfortable doing western or European style comics, they are permitted as well.

Content – Your story does not have to be evangelistic. We don’t necessarily prefer works that aren’t Christian; we don’t promote viewpoints that contradict scriptural teaching either.  However, if there exists a viewpoint that does, it should not be the theme or the conclusion of the story. Rather, it should somehow be reproved by the moral lesson of the story at the very end. It is often demonstrated in many Christian stories how characters begin their journey with erroneous beliefs, but later come to their senses as they are remedied by the overall theme.

Violence – As long as it’s not overly gruesome or gory, it is permitted. No severing of people’s heads, or cut off body parts laying everywhere with blood and guts oozing out of them. Some people are squeamish. If there is blood present in your story, please moderate it and factor it into your rating in the description.

Magic – This can appear offensive in Christian stories as the Bible speaks against it. However, it is permitted under the following conditions. Do not glorify magic. If the character holds the view of magic, somehow demonstrate why it is wrong in the conclusion of the story. Also demonstrate how God is the greater power we should look to. Many arguments can arise when it comes to fictional magic on forums, therefore we do not recommend using magic as an element in the story to help the character. 

Language – Profanity is not permitted, nor crude jokes. Slang can be used moderately, but please keep it censored. Factor it into your rating.

Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco Use – This is also a sensitive topic to some. And again, just like magic or anti-Christian beliefs, do not glorify it, but rather let it be remedied by the end of the story/series. Factor it into your rating accordingly.  Must be noted in the description of your story.

Sexual Content - No hentai (porn) or yuri (homosexual themed manga/anime). Please keep sexual behavior implied/behind closed doors. Must be noted as implied in the rating and description.


Skimpy Clothing/Nudity - Please, no nudity or partial nudity. This causes too many problems, especially with young readers. No skimpy clothing, sensuality, big breasts on female characters, cleavage, breast grabbing, or anything of the sort. Please note that this can be a stumbling block to readers and viewers of any age, no matter what you're motives are for including it. Unless you have a plan to make a biblical point for a character dressing immodestly, please keep the clothing conservative. Much appreciated!


Music - Please, no heavy metal, death metal, or extremely sensual music. No musical pornography, or anything glorifying sin, or devilish beliefs, or conduct such as child sacrifice, witchraft, devil worship, war, or any sexually explicit content. Exercise discernment accordingly.


Denominational Beliefs - Do NOT put down churches, denominations, or other religions. Please, no content that is meant to describe why an existing Christian denomination is superior over the other. It is offensive to others. We do not support any work that promotes division in the body of Christ.

Please do not submit manga/anime that are essentially Christian rip-offs of popular stories.  


Contact us if you are unsure if your story fits the requirements.


Note: If your work has been rejected previously by CA, do not try to submit it again without making the correct modifications. It will be rejected again.

Even if your work was rejected before, you may submit another project. By registering as a club member with us, and by adding your work on our site, you are asserted that the work you have produced is scripturally sound and reasonable according to your spiritual maturity. Understand that your rights to post anything may be revoked if it promotes ungodly viewpoints, the glorification of sin, or misleading about Christianity or the Bible in general.

We reserve the right to reject artwork, music, videos, and such like at any time without notice. ChristiAnime does not own the rights to any work posted by users, but if you place your work on our site, you are also granting us permission to use your art for promotional purposes such as non-profit applications, buttons, banners, and site decor.


If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, we do not recommend that you fill out the project submission form.

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Terms of Use


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