Written Story

Read the written version of "Sacred Oracles" on Wattpad. Full length manga novel coming soon! 

All about the story

Sacred Oracles is a shoujo manga series I'm writing that will be dedicated to teen girls ages 10+. This story is about a Highland prince named Azriel who lost his dominion due to a cruel misfortune, and a young peasant girl who dreams of living in a castle, and a better life due to her poor state of living. The project will be an ongoing series of 15 chapters per book, and 15 pages per chapter. I will be illustrating this story in a 2D manga, and an anime series using Blender 3D and Gimp freewares. Get a glympse of the story I've written so far. More to come very soon! The story also includes a Princess with special abilities that are misunderstood, and a page boy who strives to become a knight of chivalry. They all cross paths as they find themselves fighting against an unknown and unseen force that sought out for them. But why them? 

Prince Azriel's Story

Raised in the castle of the Highlands, King Emmanuel, Azriel's father; promised him the entire land of Nabeck. He would be given a powerful artifact called the "Radiant Sword", which Azriel would use to exercise dominion over all the kingdoms of Nabeck. Yet Prince Azriel felt a tug from the other side wanting to show him a "better way" other than the strict lifestyle that he had been accustomed to all his life. He looked over the heathen societies, and they weren't bound by all the rules and regulations that he was. They were free to live as they pleased. So Prince Azriel began to stray. What he didn't realize was the downfall that it would be for those societies, for they were also filled with violence, murder, suicide, depression, infanticide, divorce, disease, and destruction of the family. Yet, the pleasures of the world clouded his judgment as he meets a beautiful girl named Aveanna. She began to mislead him even more, until he is lead into a trap. He was asked to do exactly what his father forbade him to do for her love. He was asked to drink from the fountain of knowledge. Will he be able to endure through the temptation or lose out? Find out!

Juniper's Story

 Juniper Abel, an eight-year-old peasant girl; is like any other commoner, yet with extra-ordinary talents and abilities. She enjoyed playing make-believe, dreaming big about sharing her talents with the world. However, even in her imagination, she couldn't pretend away the hardships of her normal everyday country life as she is forced into hard labor. Looked down upon, Juniper desired a life like those who were born into royalty and nobility. Living in poverty under the worst kind of oppression, all seemed hopeless, and her dreams began to shatter before her. But after a young boy comes along to tell her of a mystical book that could change her life forever, she begins to discover it's secrets on how to obtain true success. Yet there were some who did not want it's information to be known. Juniper finds herself being hunted down by her oppressors, as her world takes a shocking turn. She finds herself battling against an invisible force that sought out for her life, and many other children. From one shattering moment after another ultimately unravels a mystery that leaves everyone staggering.