Written Story

Read the written version of "Sacred Oracles" on Wattpad. Full length manga novel coming soon! 

These Characters will be featured in the series. Though not all of them are listed as of yet, we will be posting more as we go. We still have alot of work to do. In progress!

Character Cast

Prince Azriel

The lead male character in my shoujo manga story "Sacred Oracles". He is the Highland Prince who looses his dominion.

Juniper Abel

The lead female character of "Sacred Oracles". She is the young peasant girl with big dreams to accomplish with many obstacles to overcome.

Amaris Abel

This is Juniper's playful and funny older sister. She is a huge sports fan, and very outgoing.

Durothy Abel

This is Juniper's bossy oldest sister who doesn't seem to understand her. She has a motherly spirit and looks out for Juniper.


He is the team Mascot that is given to Juniper by Prince Azriel to help look out for her.


Helping the horoine in need!