Written Story

Read the written version of "Sacred Oracles" on Wattpad. Full length manga novel coming soon! 

Hello World!

My name is Sonya Marlene Tanner, and it has been my lifelong dream to create my own songs and stories since youth. I have been singing since childhood and started writing my own songs since early teen years. Today, I plan to publish my first 10 songs I have written for my first music album "Rainbow of Promise". My music is electronic, trance, techno, and new age. I have written my own lyrics and composed the music. I do plan to create vocaloid music as well since I'm such a big Miku fan!

On the other hand, it has also been a childhood dream of mine to create my own animated show and series. Since Anime and Manga came to America in my early teen years, I fell in love with it and began to re-draw my characters in that style. Today I am working on a shoujo manga novel called "Sacred Oracles" I am adding to it every week on Wattpad. I have created a Christian Anime social network called "ChristiAnime" which is the place for Christians who love anime and manga and want a Godly alternative from the mainstream. I also am currently working on a plugin for mangakas and anime artists who want to publish their work online, and profit from what they do. These will consist of artists from all around the world! Hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer, and will be adding more as I go! 

My Goals as a Christian Artist

Aside from the fact that I have dreams, what is the purpose of those dreams? Why do I dream them? There are a number of answers to this question. All of us serve a meaning, purpose, and direction. Yet some look for it in fame, some look for it in money, and some may even look for it in worldly pleasures, but never really find the answer that their souls long for. I myself, nearly fell into the same trap. Throughout the days of my youth, I had sought out with tears to make these dreams come true, and yet they seemed so far and out of reach for me.

For so many years I had big drams of creating my own anime show/game series, and manga book series. I had the writing ability, and even the art ability, but it seemed that there was more to being an artist than just that. You had gain the financial ability to afford art college. You had to be connected with the right people. You often times had to be at the right place at the right time! But how was that going to happen for me? All odd seemed against my dreams. I neither had the knowledge, nor the resources to get started doing what I've always dreamed, and all seemed hopeless to me because of my financial situation. How was I going to be able to afford art college? I wanted so much for the best education possible! Yet I did not let that stop me from pursuing my dreams. I continued to write songs, and I continued with my art. There was so much I wanted to share. Even throughout my high school years, I participated in art and talent shows. I did get noticed by some people, but not by the ones I wanted.  As I got older, the question finally arose, "What could have been?" My hopes and dreams began to shatter before me.

At 18-years-old, I moved away from my family in the middle of a cold and dark world full of confusion. It was then that I began to seek God for guidance. I did not want to be lost and confused, not knowing what direction I should take. Once I gave my life over to God, he asked me to put all of my hopes and dreams in his hands, and to seek his will above my own. So I took my broken dreams and put them into his hands. Little by little, he began to put the pieces back together. It wasn't until then that I got the revelation. I realized that God was the one who held the keys to my hopes and dreams, in his hands. It was found only in him, and I realized that he wanted to use me for a greater purpose than I ever imagined! He wanted to take my talents and abilities and use them for His purpose, to further his kingdom. there is no greater purpose than that!

As soon as a firm foundation was placed in my life, God began to show me how to use the talents he has given me to share his wonderful message of hope to the world, and to touch the hearts of many through the anointing! At 19 years of age, I entered my manga art into the Character Counts Contest of 2002 in Chavez County. I won 1st place in the art division. I began to realize that it wasn't too late to do what I've always dreamed!

So now for the big question: "What do I want to do? Become famous or reach people?" I say reach people with the gospel message, and further God's kingdom in the earth. What an honor to be used of Him! In the middle of a world of confusion and darkness, now is the time for God's children to shine brighter than ever before!