Sacred Oracles is a Shoujo Manga novel in the making. Characters, story, illustrations, and more will be featired in an entire series!

The Story

This is a story about a Highland Prince who lost his dominion, and a lowland peasant girl who dreams of living in a castle. Together, they venture to find the key to make their world a better place. Read more!


Juniper, the girl who dreams of living in a castle, still has the ability to hope for the future. Her siblings and family don't seem to undestand her. Yet she thrives to get what she desires for herself. Find about all the characters here!


Sonya Marlene is a novelist, song writer, mangaka, and singer. Her desire is to bring kids, teens, and young adults manga and anime titles with Christ centered values. Join her on the mission at !

Written Story

Read the written version of "Sacred Oracles" on Wattpad. Full length manga novel coming soon! 

Home page

ChristiAnime was created for the sole purpose of providing a godly alternative for youth. Our goal is to set up a platform for manga and anime artists who desire to dedicate their works to God. We present "Sacred Oracles" and other titles like it. This shoujo novel is still in the making and under construction. We will be adding more to this site soon. Come back and check us out for more updated information. For now visit 

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Here are some desired soundtracks for the "Sacred Oracles" anime! Getting into more detail about this on our music page!