Change Your World

Hello world, my name is Sonya Marlene, and it is my desire to change the world through gaming. And if you feel the same, you know where to find me! Enjoy!


I got my Sail Game Degree,
Skill in game art in anime,
3D modeling and background design,
I'll make the game industry shine,
Game art and animation,
and music composition.

Growing up I was introduced to my first game.
Since then my whole world has never been the same.
It took me to adventures, exploration, and stories beyond.
It's taught me lessons that helped me along.
There was a time I felt a void in my life,
And that people just didn't care as much as they used to.
But gaming helped me through the pain,
Brought sunshine through the rain.
It was then I decided to create my own games.

The game industry needs a change,
To teach our children better things.
If we bring forth these changes,
I know that our world will never be the same.
Moral lessons that we could teach,
Would help the souls that we all could reach.
In this world, no matter how bad things are; 
Through gaming we can change the world.

Some people have disagreed with me,
Saying our kids should do different things.
They don't know the impact we can make through games.
We have this technology we can utilize,
To teach great things that can open up their eyes.
Through gaming we can change the world.

The Wall

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