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Mistivious Apr 24 '17
Hi, I'm new here. Just want to let you guys know I exist and a bit about myself.

I was born in Mexico and brought here when I was four. My mom was already fallowing christ when my brother and I were around. So you can say I've been seeing God's hand work in absolutely everything. Before we came here my first anime was DBZ. When I was in 3rd I got into Naruto. That was a doorway to the rest of the anime. 
Long story short I got serious with God after I had wasted my past life and gained absolutely nothing spiritually in high school with video games, anime, manga, etc. I have decided I want to use what he has given me. That being, and first, a burning passion for his word. Use the what I have gained in the past years from so much alternative/bad exposure to anime, video games, music, movies, all Art. 
    What I'm currently into right now is learning code, to make a 2d side scroller(s) video games. Make catchy Pixel music. Make (a) manga with good art and story. One day make (a) stunning animated film(s). God willing.
Hope to be friends with all, not just artist. I'll have all you in prayers. Take care and be blessed. If you have any special prayer, you can DM me :)

EXTRA: What I want to do is, make stories that are pleasant to read to all readers, but have Gods word in them. That being said, I don't want to make anything cheesy or corny. Once I have come up with legit stories, then I can focus on putting them into making a manga, video games, films, or just a short films. Then come music editing, FX, voice acting and all that other fun stuff.  I want to focus not just on Christian readers, but also on non-christ believers. If God allows me to do this, praise GOD! If not, praise GOD!

Instagram: @Mistivious

Special thanks to the maker(s) of this website!!

Ezmyreld Apr 26 '17
Your welcome my friend. I enjoyed making this website and will be adding more great stuff in the near future. Got some goals I've been trying to achieve in order to make that happen. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us Mistivious! We will check out your account. I bet you have some really cool stuff to share. You can also customize your profile page and show it off to our other visitors. That is amazing! I too am a DBZ fan! As you can see lol! Always keep your focus on the Lord and keep using your talents for him. It is amazing to see other artists like you who have a passion to do that. I hope you do well in your goals as an artist! I too am looking into gaming. I am going for my game art bachelor's degree at Full Sail University! Who knows, we could be working to together in the future. 

The purpose of this site is to bring Christian Anime fans together who have similar interests, and we will be starting a ChristiAnime gaming company in the future. At least that is the goal for now. 

So far I have learned how to 3D model with Maya, shading and lighting, rendering, 2D and 3D animation, adding textures and UV mapping, adding bump maps using Zbrush, and how to create IBLs (sky domes). This is beyond exciting and will help me to move this site forward. There has been a delay for a while because I've been busy trying to get my education, but it is still moving forward. Slowly but surly we will get there. 

I hope you keep up the good work! Keep working at it. You'll get there!

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Hatsune_Miku Apr 26 '17
Wow! You're into music. So am I. I'm all into the vocaloid craze! It's everything Miku for me! I think we all have some similar goals here. It's great to meet you and we would love for you to share your thoughts on our forums, blogs, and you can also create your own articles! Have fun sharing!
Mistivious Apr 29 '17

To Ezmyreld

Can't wait so see where this web will be going. Really excited. 

That's awesome how you're going for gaming. I just got into wanting on making my own games couple of weeks ago. And definitely on working together. Would be awesome if we get a mini project going (low key)

WOW. That's impressive how you're doing all that 3D modeling. I can barely make a coffee cup on blender lol. Probably will finish it. I really want to get into 3D making. Feels like it will help me in the game industry, and help a bit on making 2d animation backgrounds.

Thanks for the inspirational words. I will wish you the best too, thanks!

Mistivious Apr 29 '17
To Hatsune_Miku 

Thanks, I'll look into all that :J
Okami Sep 8 '17
Welcome!  Your story is awesome and I hope we can build this site up for all those who are Christ followers and anime lovers.









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