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Ezmyreld Jun 11 '16

I've been told that games take up your precious time and are a waste of time. But here are some things to think about. All other artistic media are non-interactive. Basically what you do with every form of art is sit down and absorb it. So we play great music, and what do you do? Sit back and listen. We paint a wonderful scenery, and what do you do? You look at it. We write a great novel and what do you do? Read it. But what do you actually do in all this? Nothing. You're passive and that is a failure because the human mind is not a passive receptacle. You don't absorb stuff into your brain because that is not the best way the human mind works. It works best when it gets to take the object and play with it, interact with it, and manipulate it. That is a fundamental part of the way our brains work. Yet are has failed to recognize that. Why? We didn't have the technology to do it... until today. Now we have the technology to deliver an artistic experience. What are your thoughts? 









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