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Ezmyreld May 11 '16

Well, I just started my bachelor's degree program in game art. I've always dreamed of creating my own game series, ever since I was a kid. And now, I am working to make that dream become a reality. Aside from the music business, I am learning how to sharpen my art expertise and learn how to put it into an interactive game. Gaming is what I chose years ago, why? Because they are interactive. They can take you though stories, adventures, exploration, but you are the character in it. Pretty cool, I'll say. Although I express my passion about this quite a bit, there are others that have disagreed with me on this, because: "Shouldn't we be teaching our kids other things like: how to plant a garden? They could be doing other things that are so much more important." Although I am not minimizing the importance of that in any way, I've still been kind of looked down on by some older folks for endorsing this, because I am a gamer. I always have been. And kids are going to play games (whether we like it or not). My take is that maybe it's about time we created some games that actually teach kids how to think critically, and a moral lesson to go with it? Games can be used to tell stories, teach lessons, and give a message. And just like any medium, exercising discernment is definitely wise. But why not take the technology and use it for good? Just a thought. 

I know that some video games have received a bad rap, and for obvious reasons. There are some games even a Christian adult should stay away from. There is a good and bad side to everything (except God himself). But what about the time spent on these things? After all, video games do take up your precious time, right? The bottom line is that you make time for what you love. And if that is gaming, all power to you! If it's reading a novel, playing board games with friends, hiking, bike riding, etc. play has a significant role in people's lives, and I'm not just talking about young people. Studies have shown the benefits of play can make a huge impact on brain development, especially gaming. This includes providing positive neurological changes in the brain, increase speed of processing and statistical interferences,  improving decision making, increase attention control and memory. Gaming can also be used to teach moral lessons in the form of a story with interaction. The possibles are endless and I believe we, as Christian artists; should use our talents to help bring a positive impact into this world! There is such a need for it. What do you guys think?

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PuddingHead Jun 4 '16

Hello, Ezmyreld!

As a Christian and someone who abhors senseless conflict, I'm curious... with all the violence, immorality, and profanity so prevalent in the most popular "first-person shooter" console video games of today, what kind of interactive theme(s) would you, as a Christian game developer, consider producing and who would be your target audience? During your studies, have you ever heard of a survey being taken on the video games played specifically by Christians? I think we would all be curious to know the results of such a survey!

The overwhelming popularity of simple, innocent, yet enjoyable mobile phone & tablet games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, and puzzle themes shows that the majority of people (I believe) prefer these types non-violent distraction in their lives, so you are definitely on the right track!

The list of actual Christian-based video games shown in an article on CBN's website is pretty thin: see CBN - God and Gaming. And most of the search results on Amazon.com for "Christian Video Games" are neither games nor Christian-based.

The gaming market seems to be ripe, ready, and waiting for the inspiration The Lord has given you - I was just hoping to catch more than a glimpse into what your thoughts and future endeavors will bring to a world starving for The Truth.

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Ezmyreld Jun 4 '16

The kind of interactive play I will be creating is RPG strategy (which would involve spiritual warfare instead of killing monsters). I will be sharing my Christian RPG battle system idea really soon. It will correspond to the Biblical way to fight the enemy: with the sword of the spirit. My target will be Christian viewers of all ages. The age will differ depending on the game. 

I have done surveys before, and I think that is an awesome idea. As opposed to what some people have told me, like this one guy said a while back: "I will take it upon myself, as the general populous of gamers; that we do not want or need an "overly religious alternative". Funny how it is, religion has already infiltrated games, and much of it doesn't have anything good to say about anything that has to do with Christianity. The religions include Eastern Mysticism, new age philosophies, and evolution into godhood (the doctrine of new age). Some of them also encourage worship of other 'gods'. That can be a huge problem to Christian viewers who wouldn't appreciate having someone else's religion putting their beliefs down. But yeah, I do disagree with his position on that because I have come across other Christian gamers and anime fans who feel the same way as I do. So let us prove them wrong. And yes, a survey would. It definitely would!

Though I would say that I would not ban all violence, as there is violence in the Bible as well; there is a line that we don't want to cross on this. Extreme blood and decapitated body parts is something that is very disturbing and gruesome. I don't believe that's what Christian viewers are looking for. And I'm sure not looking for it. And it does not have to be overly religious or super-spiritual (as some would say "Christian" means). A godly alternative means that it has be without any material we as gamers, manga lovers, and anime fans would find objectionable. 

Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! This means a lot to me, especially after some of the criticism I have gotten from other people. But I can't put my focus on all of that. I got to keep my eyes on the prize because there is something special the Lord wants me to do with this. I have just started on my 3rd class at Full-sail University, and I'm really excited about breaking into the game industry and making the most of it. I also found this great PDF that helps give pointers to indie game developers. Its worth taking a look. Check out Building an Indie Business by Gamasutra. Very interesting and inspiring read! 
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