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Ezmyreld Oct 23 '15
Well, what do you guys think of this? I'm coming up with a new vocaloid character named Ezmyreld Epstein. I'll be creating her voice bank using Utau. It will be open source after I'm done, and only the members of CA can use it. I can also create a plugin that will allow other users to create their own voice banks others can download. Just an idea. I do plan to create a vocaloid voice bank plugin in the future. I know that for now, finances are tight with me. But maybe I might do a fundraiser for it. So excited to bring this site forward. Check out Utau here: http://utau2008.xrea.jp/
PuddingHead Oct 24 '15

"Ezmyreld Epstein" as a Vocaloid character name? Sorry - it just doesn't work for me. I imagine the voice as being something like a stereotypical old Jewish woman from Brooklyn, NY. Kind of like Yenta the matchmaker from 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Honestly, I think the name "Ezmyreld" is pretty enough to stand on its own.

Am I the only one still here?

Ezmyreld Oct 24 '15
Well, thanx for the feedback. What do you suggest for a last name? Or should she have one? The last name was named after my grandmother, Sharon Epstein; who just passed away recently. Epstein is a German name. It would also jump out that it will also be a a vocaloid that will have a German language voice bank, as well as an English one.
Ezmyreld Oct 24 '15
We just recently had a new joiner, Unsheathed. Say hello to him! http://christianime.com/community/user/Unsheathed
Okami and Samuru also have interacted here just recently. As soon as we get the Manga/Comic plugin set up, we will be working to get more members. Got to offer something a little more before doing so. The sheer purpose of this site is to provide a Godly alternative, but the first thing that needs to happen is to actually have some content our users have created themselves, and/or have the option of posting them. Financially speaking, it's going to be hard to do in the next month or two because I'm making a big move from SC to TX. Plus I'm having to save up for a vehicle :(. Really bites, but eventually we will be upgrading this site to something much much better! I'm thinking about launching a kickstarter project for help with this, but we'll see! I'll be taking it to the Lord in prayer first!
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Am I the only one still here?









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