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PuddingHead Jan 3 '16

Happy New Year!

ummm...... everyone? 

Ezmyreld Jan 30 '16
Happy 2016! Great to see you back! Doing great this year so far. Getting closer to accomplishing some great goals for this year. Also, I am getting my game art and design degree. I start school in March at Full Sail University. So excited! My dream is to move ChristiAnime forward. It's been a hard last 6 months and moving from SC to TX, and now from TX back to SC. It's been tight, but we're still going to move this thing forward one way or the other! Hope you are doing well. Stay in touch, and get ready for some more great stuff here soon! 
PuddingHead Feb 5 '16

Glad to hear everything is going well for you, Ezmyreld, and best wishes on working towards your degree! Our prayers are with you!

Attending University really is a full-time job, so I'm sure most (if not all) of us here understand if you only stop by from time to time to check in, let us know how you're doing, and say, "heya."

Now - if things were only going so well up here in Alaska....

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Ezmyreld Feb 5 '16
What's going on in Alaska? I know it must be very cold his time of year.
mdmrn Feb 11 '16
Hey all - I know it's been a long while since I've been around. Hope all is well with everyone!

For me, I recently started writing for Beneath the Tangles, which is an overtly Christian site which discusses anime from that perspective.

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Ezmyreld Feb 11 '16
I've noticed that. I include "Beneath the Tangles" articles in our band new newsletter. Very interesting stuff. We also have a number of other sites we like that are included. Check it out on our Newsletter. Go to home, and scroll down. There is a button that says "Newsletters". It will take you straight to it. You can also subscribe to receive e-mails if you like. We will also be including an article plugin on this site real soon so our members can write their own articles and anime/manga/game reviews on the social network. We can also include them on the main newsletter page. Adding some more great stuff here real soon!
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