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mdmrn Mar 30 '15

Anyone enjoy silly slice of life short form comedies? I do. I've enjoyed Di Gi Charat, Tonari no Seki-kun, and Hi-sCoool! Seha Girls. The first has some sci fi elements, the last is quasi-magical girl oriented. But, in the end, it's about their life - in the real world.

How about you? Any short form comedic slice of life series you like?

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Ezmyreld Mar 30 '15
I'm actually browsing to see if I can find a good one myself. I'm checking out "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar". It looks like a Noozles type series, but instead of the Koalas, it's fairies. Very interesting. If you ever seen that show, it looks a little like that. Here is the 1st episode. Looks pretty decent. Note: I haven't watched the whole series. Just checking it out.
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Okami Apr 6 '15
This is one of my favorite genres!  I suggest My Ordinary Life (Nichijou), Recorder and Randsell (3 minute episodes T-T ), Working!! (Wagnaria!!), Chitose Get You! (4-5 minute episodes T-T ), and Little Busters (Some drama mixed into this one)!  I know more, but they are more of RomCom (Romantic Comedy if you didn't know) side.
mdmrn Apr 6 '15
I just started watching Nameko Families which is...a slice of life, short form series about a family of Nameko mushrooms. No, really. It also has no dialogue which makes it interesting. I've watched the first few episodes and plan to power through it. I'm liking it a lot so far.

Each episode's 5 minutes so, don't like it - not out much :) 

PuddingHead Apr 7 '15

Quote from Ezmyreld I'm actually browsing to see if I can find a good one myself. I'm checking out "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar".
I've seen Snow Fairy Sugar (and have the series on DVD). It's a cute story about fairies searching for their "twinkles" and their interactions with a girl named Saga. The English dub version is excellent, and be sure to watch the OVA episodes (if you can find them).

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