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Ezmyreld Mar 27 '15

This has been a dream of mine, for many years; to create a platform for Christian Anime & Manga artists to create our very own works to bring forth a godly influence in the world today. This social network is just a start. Here are a list of the visions we have for CA, and our future goals.

1) To create a comic plugin for the social network. On this page users can digitally publish their own manga novels. We would like to include an app you can download on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. There you can view these novels directly. The user can either lock them for a small price, or stream them for free. Either way, it is up to the user. We do promote support for artists. After all, creating manga novels requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

2) To create a video plugin that allows you to choose categories so viewers can get right to what they are looking for! These categories include video clips/trailors, anime episodes/movies, tutorials (manga, anime, games, etc.), and misc. What we will do with this will be the same as the comic. The user can either choose to lock it for a small price, or stream it for free. Up to the user. There is much work involved in anime, so we want to help support artists if they want it.

3) A TV network. We want to create our own television network featuring work done by our artists. These title must have a biblical message to bring, which is what our goal is. That may cost a pretty penny, but if we can get enough interested, we can create a crowdfunding project here on our site. That, of course; cannot come into play until there are enough artists involved.

4) Our own radio podcast. 'ChristiAnime Radio' is coming soon! We already have the tools needed to get our own radio going. The only thing missing is the music producers that will help make that a reality. We need music producers and vocaloid creators. We will work to provide some resources to help artists get started including freewares, tutorials, and voice banks. We also can link to other sites that have those resources available such as UTAU and Vocaloid. We would also like to welcome other forms of music such as traditional singing, and instrumental tracks featured on games and anime.

5) To create our own ChristiAnime magazine featuring newly created anime and manga titles. This will be a great way to spread the news of what we are doing, and the gospel.

6) To create our own MMORPGs. We need music producers, voice actors, game programmers, story writers, character designers, background creators and 3D modelers for this. Blender Gamekit is a great freeware to get started. In the near future, we would like to provide a platform for game artists to feature their games.

7) To establish our own ChristiAnime festivals. This will include booths we could set up to promote the work we've done, and everything else, even cosplay! Fun stuff!

8) To create our own ChristiAnime publishing company. This will be similar to the digital publishing, except we will be creating tangible copies of people's work. We are open to receive any information from anyone who has background or knowledge in this.

We are excited about bringing forth this work, but we still have much work to do to make this happen. If we put our heads together, we can do it! If you have any knowledge about how this stuff can be done, or what resources to look into, feel free to share!

mdmrn Mar 30 '15
Pretty bold vision. I wish you luck in all this, hopefully we'll see some more participation to make some of this a reality.

What are your short term goals?

Ezmyreld Mar 30 '15
My short term goals is to first improve the social network. I want to add a better video plugin so users can upload their MP4s and other video formats. These will include anime episodes, trailors, movies. I also would like to add copyright options and the ability to lock it for a small price or stream it for free.

Also I want to create a manga plugin where users can post their comics and digitally publish them online. Same concept with the anime episodes except you are reading them. That will be the first improvement.

We already have the tools to make the radio podcast. We just need enough participation first.
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