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Announcements & CA Information
If any changes are made within the rules of this site or any other changes, we will post them here.
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Ezmyreld · Mar 30 '15
In Our Vision for CA
We are working to spread Christian manga & anime culture all over the world. Here we discuss how anime, manga, & vocaloids have impacted us, and what we can do to impact others with our own works.
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New Members
New to ChristiAnime? We would like to get to know you. Introduce yourself, and let us know all about you.
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Okami · Sep 8 '17
The latest on what is happening on ChristiAnime.
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Ezmyreld · May 9 '15
In The New Manga/Comic Plugin
Find out more information about the variety of projects we have posted on our site by our members, and discuss them here.
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The Latest Titles
Discussions on the latest news about anime and manga.
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New in Japan
Discuss anime/manga currently airing or being published in Japan.
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Ezmyreld · Apr 8 '15
In Pyuuri-Tan in Christ Weekly
Western Manga
Discussion about popular manga and Anime done by Westerners and other non-Japanese artists.
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mdmrn · May 4 '15
In Anime vs Cartoons
Anime & Manga Reviews
Read and write reviews for various titles. Find out about what is or is not appropriate for the Christian viewer/reader.
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New in Japan
Discuss anime/manga currently airing or being published in Japan.
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The Contingency
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Mystical journeys will always have their challenges! With many obstacles to overcome, mysterious lands to explore, you’ll never know what you’ll find!
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The Impulse
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Magical Girl, Comedy, Sports Challenges will always come as life throws us a curb. But that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them!
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PuddingHead · Apr 7 '15
In Silly Slice of Life Short Form Comedies
The Frontier
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mecha, Futuristic, Cyberpunk The possibilities are endless when it comes to technology. Here, machines are only a part of everyday living.
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mdmrn · Jun 16 '15
In Angel Beats
The Transcendental
Genre: Horror, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense Though the enemy knows how to play on people’s fears, God knows how to help his people overcome their fears, phobias, and to triumph over those who wish them evil. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal….
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General Chat
Just about anything
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Ezmyreld · Apr 8
In Love the falling snow!
General Discussion
The place for topics that don't have a category of their own. Not all discussions have to be totally serious, but no "junk" topics, please.
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mdmrn · Jun 16 '15
In Favorite Quote(s)
Science & the Bible
The discussion of science and technology and how it relates to the Bible, God’s word. This may include news and current events. Please no Political oriented threads.
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Okami · Aug 25
In What is Science and Truth?
Nutrition, Health, & Fitness
Fitness & health discussion, and suggestions to all those who want to be physically fit.
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Tutorials & Resources
Learn something new today! Find links to various tutorials here and refine your skills. Now includes resource links!
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Ezmyreld · May 9 '15
In How to Draw a Manga Face: 3 Different Angles [Female]
Support Topics Replies Last Reply
Request certain features and suggest some ideas to make this site even better.
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Ezmyreld · Mar 20 '15
In Profile Suggestions
Otaku Realm Topics Replies Last Reply
Video Games
Discuss any Anime game of any platform. Here we can discuss game reviews, and Christian games made by our own members!
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Ezmyreld · Jun 11 '16
In Are games a waste of time?
Books, Magazines, & Comics
Wouldn’t it be great to have a ChristiAnime Magazine?! We do. And if we can get enough people to participate, we can use this platform to show off all our cool stuff our members have created! Discussion for books, American comics, & visual novels are also welcome!
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Music, Sountracks, & Vocaloids
Here we talk about the new music culture that is going viral, such as the new Vocaloids (computer generated voices) such as Hatsune Miku, Kasane Teto, and many others! We can also create our own and announce it here. Discussion for anime soundtracks, instrumentals & game soundtracks are also welcome!
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Ezmyreld · Oct 24 '15
In Ezmyreld Epstein









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