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I am so happy to announce that it will be 3 months before I finally graduate from Full Sail University with my Bachelor's degree in Game Art. While working hard, for the past 3 years; I have to put some solitary effort to push things forward and progress towards my goal of starting my own Anime Gaming Company. These past few years, I have learned more than I can sum up in one blog. Anywhere from character design, programming, to level design; my artwork has far exceeded above what I ever thought it could. I have gone from traditional 2D art to full-blown hyper-realistic game art that will knock your socks off.

This month I have learned how to set up a level in Unreal Game Engine 4. For those of you who do not know what it is, UE4 is a game compiler and engine that will allow you to create your own video games. You can import meshes you created in your chosen 3D software, add detailed maps to them, and create your own materials to make look any way you want them to.

Software I used: 

1) UE4

2) Maya

3) Substance Designer

4) Bitmap

Think of a level as an old-fashioned tileset created in the Legend of Zelda (not the new games, the old ones). Each level was created by what we know as repeating tilesets. Building a level in Unreal Game Engine is no different, except that you work with 3D meshes instead of tilesets. You model walls, pillars, trim, doors, floors, and ceilings and any other props that will also be needed.

You first model each piece in Maya/Blender/3D Max and UV map them.

You use the snap-to-grid built into the software. Once you snap it to the middle in your 3D software, you can import the meshes into the UE4 engine and use them with the snap-to-grid already applied. 

Secondly, you must design your own substances in substance designer. You do this through outputs and nodes. First, you choose a reference. Then you must choose a Uniform Color, Normals (height information), Metallic, roughness, hight, and Ambient Occlusion. Here are the examples of my work.


Wood 1

Wood 2


Wall Plaster

Sheet Rock

There are many different nodes you can utilize within Substance Designer to get it to look the way you want. Creating these and applying these to the meshes will create a hyper-realistic environment. 

Once you import these meshes you created in your 3d software, you can reuse meshes or multiple purposes. Here you also apply the maps you created in substance designer. Within Substance, you must first publish your material you create. Then you must apply the tiling ability to your meshes. 

You simply drag and drop onto the meshes into your environment and use your pieces to build your level. It's that simple! You also create emissive glow for the lights and doors. There are certain settings you can tweak within UE4.

This also brings us to lighting. There are different types of lights you can use in UE4. You drag and drop them into the scene where ever you need them. You can do the same with atmospheric fog and skylights.

We also need to build the lighting to keep it up to date. Here I scattered the light and also used a combination of emissive glow and point lights on the lanterns. Likewise with the glass doors!

Creating materials also means we have to deal with some programming. Here we import the materials and tweak them in UE4.

You simply import the SBS file that was published from your substance designer software and you will have one of these balls that show your substance you created. You also have an option to only import the maps instead of making them into materials. Here we work with a master material, and from that parent material, we generate the other materials. It is a complicated process.

This month, I have also learned how to apply wear and tear to your material to make it look like it has some history to it. After all, in real life, things don't always appear new. We did this through photoshop and tweaking real photos. We used an alpha channel to achieve this! 

The glow from a distance was also applied using the optional effects built in as well as the particles! 

Well, this sums it up! I hope to create some beautiful masterpeices in the near future. You'll be seeing more of my work in the futrue, so don't go away!

Ezmyreld Dec 16

As you all are aware, I have been attending Full Sail University for the past two and a half years in the Game Art degree program. Now I am getting closed to the finished line. I have obtained a number of skills and here I will list three of them.  Here is what you will need to know t be a game artist. 

  • In game modeling

I have learned to 3D model with both Maya and Blender software. Both of them have very different interfaces. I would highly recommend Blender game kit for personal use and Maya for business. 

Here I have learned how to do both hard surface models and organic models. Hard surface models are usually the easiest to create. If you want to create more organic models such as plants, people and animals, you will have to get familiar with Zbrush, a sculpting program that allows you to create these things. You can also use the program to sculpt on hard surface objects to add information, and paint them. 

We must remember, that in sculpting, we aren’t dealing with vertices, edges and faces. But we are sculpting objects that ultimately convert into 3D models you can rig for animation, and use for anything your heart desires. Blender also has a sculpting program built in it. 

  • Physically Based Materials

When creating materials for your meshes, you will need three programs. 

Substance designer: This software is used to create material using nodes. These nodes can connect with one another. You can add a seamless texture as a bitmap to start off with. You can add effects, grunge, scratches, rust, blend materials together and more. You can create anything from metal, grovel and dirt, to brick, fabric, leather, fur, plant based maps and so much more! These can be added to low resolution models for games and reflect information that looks super realistic. You can even create your own in photo shop. In the graph you see here, you connect them to output nodes to get your desired result. You export these maps and use them as tiled textures on your meshes in Unreal Game Engine. You can even use them to in substance painter!

Substance Painter is a program you use to put different textures onto your model. You can even add height information, alphas, metallic material, fabric, damage, and more. You can add emissive (glowing) information to the model, use masks to help you with painting the model, and even use this to back high resolution information onto low resolution models. The possibilities are endless. You can export this information and bring the maps into unreal game engine. It will naturally wrap around your object just as you painted it on. Just make sure your UV maps are not overlapping and are well mapped out for the object. 

Bitmap 2 Material helps you create seamless textures out of your photoshoots. Take a look at the world around you and the textures. You can make almost anything into a seamless texture. This program can give you a helping hand in that department. You can create virtually any texture you want. These bitmaps can be used to generate information in Substance designer, giving you the ability to add even more realistic detail to the object so it will jump out at you in your created video game. 

  • Pipeline for creating a basic environment in UE4

In order to create a basic environment in UE4, you will need to know the basics of modeling and adding information on those models, as I have previously discussed. But you will also need to know about lighting and how to change the atmosphere within the game engine, which makes it even more fun to create! You can add IBLs (which is a huge dome that wraps around your world and reflects a certain environment). You can also use UE4 in game atmosphere and fog. I love how we have weather patterns and sun lighting built right into the UE4 software. Get to know how to use it and you will be able to create an environment with style!


Of course, there is a whole lot more you can do with UE4 besides add an atmosphere and models. You can also do programming which is in a completely different department, but is equally needed in the game industry. 

I will be adding some photos to this blog soon! Get ready to be wowed! 

Ezmyreld Jul 29 · Tags: game art
As you all know, I am working on a degree program in Game Art. This dives into some hardcore 3D modeling with Maya, sculpting with Zbrush, and texturing with Substance painter. I will be posting my progress here for everyone to see. This will help bring this amazing site forward and eventually start a gaming platform here. 

Here are a list of some in game modeling that I have personally done in the past:
This is UV mapping which ties into where the textures go on the models.

Here is my first attempt in modeling organic objects such as trees and leaves from a few months ago. More great stuff to come. 

This month I have learned something new. I have learned to create very realistic looking textures with Substance Painter and Unreal game engine. These physical based materials on the spheres were created in Unreal game engine using nodes. Here you can import bump maps, create metallic and very realistic looking objects. I used Maya, Zbrush to create the damage, and Unreal to create the colors for the towers.

Now I will be talking about my latest project, and my first attempt to create a prop with multiple materials and make it look realistic with these programs. Here is what it looked like when I first modeled it.

This looks like a treasure chest or a safe with furniture aspects. It has multiple pieces and was pretty fun to model. That was only the beginning. UV mapping was next.

UV mapping has it's own challenges. I always use a checkerboard to make sure the squares aren't squashing or stretching or the textures on your mesh will stretch.

After mapping my UV shells, I can now import it into Substance painter. Here is my first attempt in importing this thing into Substance Painter to texture it. It was a huge learning experience. 

I used this program to apply the wood textures and add some serious bump maps and textures. I also added some indents on the top of this model. This helps when you need to put textures on models so you don't have to model them in. It keeps things clean and it also takes up less space when you are importing the mesh into the Unreal Game Engine. Low poly meshes can still look realistic with the help of bump maps and ambient occlusion maps. These maps alter the reflection off of the model and give the illusion that it is textured. Substance Painter is a great program to create these and I recommend it to any 3D artist out there who wants to create professional models. 

After finishing the texture, I exported the textures into the folder. This will be needed into the Unreal Game Engine. There you will import the textured maps to apply to your mesh. Within the game engine, you simply create a new material and edit that material in the node window. You import your textures and hook them up. Here is what it looks like:

These nodes are the textures you import into the engine. The hookup reads it and it translates into the texture that you see on the model.

You drag and drop one of these materials onto your mesh, and it appears exaclty the way your maps read. On a side note, if you import a mesh with multiple pieces, there is not need to worry. Just drag and drop on any of the objects and the colors and textures will go right where they need to.

This is a picture of the finished product within the Unreal Game Engine. Take note that each piece of the model . 

Next month I will be doing characters. I will be posting more very soon!

Ezmyreld Oct 22 '17 · Tags: gaming, game creation

Why am I wanting to become a game artist and game designer? Is it just to make money or is it with a purpose? What cause am I going to do it for? I believe I have come to know the answers to these questions. I want to become a game artist and designer because of my passion for gaming. I love stories, animation and it has been a childhood dream of mine to create my own RPGs ever since "Legend of Zelda" first came out on the NES and SNES. I was into it. But it's not just about the story. It's about what is being taught, and I believe that the game industry needs a change. We should implement traditional values in gaming and not the stuff we see on TV or in the mainstream media. We know what this consists of, but there are others who would like an alternative, and that is what we would like to help provide. There are those that wish to hijack the gaming industry as well as they did the other forms of media. I won't stand for it! We can't let them have it all and ruin the experience completely! We know that it can be used as a very valuable tool to help make people's lives better. That is why I want to do this! And there should be an alternative available for those who want it. Yes, this is a great cause for concern. However, I also knew from the start that I would receive criticism for condoning this. And Anonymous has challenged me. I have depicted the opposing view in ((double parenthesis)) so it will jump out at you. Enjoy the read.  

So this begs the question: Alternative from what? Let me explain.

There is an old saying: "If you don't teach your children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to." This rings true. At the same time, I believe that there is a balance that needs to come into play when it comes to putting things like this in an interactive story. A story does not have to be religious to teach a moral lesson. You do not have to force your opinions or views on unsuspected readers in order to get your point across. As a matter of fact, you don't have to mention God, Jesus, or the Bible at all. Our material consists of this: wholesome material that is free from anything readers would find objectionable. These can include amazing stories that will have a great message to bring, and to teach biblical moral values that will inspire many. So here we go with the challenge. Here is what Anonymous said in his challenge against this position.

((I will clue you in to one thing. I grew up in a very Christian home. This caused a lot of fights with my mother due to the fact that I was not allowed to play violent or other kinds of video games growing up.))

There are some games I do play with violence in it. Depending on what standard you choose to hold will determine how much of that you feel you can handle. But choose wisely. And that is a choice everyone should be allowed to make, even as a Christian.

((Personally I believe that all types of religion should be left out of video games so as not to influence kids or others one way or another.))

Tell that to the game developers. Here is a list of popular video games to look at concerning this:

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce and Trinity

One of the most significant symbols in "The Legend of Zelda" mythos - if not the most important symbol - is the Triforce. It began as an artifact embodying particular virtues. The three-part Triforce-design is based upon a symbol of significance to the Japanese history, crest of the powerful Hojo clan. It took upon particularly important meaning in the Zelda-verse mythology when it became tied to the Three Goddesses. The Triforce's roots (as well as the possible roots of the three sacred jewels, pendants and pearls seen throughout the game series) would seem to lie in Shinto, which can be read about in greater detail in the article here. The linked article deals with Shinto elements in "A Link to the Past" in particular. A cursory look into Japanese mythology speaks of the three regalia symbolizing the Japanese royal family (one of which is a sword interestingly nicknamed "Grass cutter" or Lawnmower" depending upon the translation - something to ponder when you're using Link's Master Sword to cut the grass). The regalia are meant to represent the virtues to be embodied by the descendants of the sun goddess Amatersu - the royal family. These virtues are "wisdom," "Benevolence," and "valor," or "power," "wisdom" and "benevolence/courage," depending upon translation. It is very easy to see the links between these stories and the Legend of Zelda Universe. 

Breath of Fire II & III - An Evil Church, An Evil God (Goddess)

Traveling on Mina, the group makes their way to the main church and sneak inside. It is revealed that the religion is a front for a demon lord who uses the prayers of the people to empower itself, and that Ryu's father Ganer is being held prisoner inside, having been kidnapped by Aruhameru ten years ago. Ryu and his friends escape the church as they destroy it, making their way back to Gate, they meet and do battle with Father Hulk, the pastor who took over the Gate church years ago after Ganer was imprisoned. In order for Father Hulk to open the seal in the mountain, he needs a member of the dragon clan. Ryu and friends are tricked into bringing him the thief Patty, whose membership in the dragon clan reveals her to be Yua, Ryu's sister. Father Hulk reveals himself as the demon Habaruku, founder of the Church of St. Eva and Ryu does battle with him. The dragon at the mountain springs to life, and transforms into the spirit of a woman, revealing herself to be Ryu's mother Valeri, a member of the Dragon Clan who traveled from their hiding place in the mountain years ago and married Ryu's father, later sacrificing herself to save the town. Ryu and his team travel into the cave going deep underground to the demon stronghold, where they meet the last remaining members of the Dragon Clan. After gaining the ultimate dragon power, Ryu battles Barubary, the demon from his past, and his master, Deathevn, leader of the St. Eva religion revealed to be a remnant of Myria, the mad goddess from the previous game. After unleashing his full strength, Ryu defeats Deathevn and returns home with two possible ending based on whether the player rescued the father from the St. Eva Church - either sacrificing himself like his mother by transforming into a dragon to prevent further demon encroachment, or by having Ganer pilot a floating landmass on top of the mountain and seal it off for good. 

Sonya's Note: It's amazing how "Christian Like" this fake religion is in the games. Breath of Fire III is like Breath of Fire II. At the end, the church is the enemy, and God is the enemy. Xenogears is another game you can check out. I have not personally played this game, but I heard that it also involves evil churches as well. 

Dragon Quest: The Goddess

The Goddess is a recurring deity in the several Dragon Quest series games. She is the creator figure who is shaped many of the worlds featured in the series and brought each of its various races into being, with the exception of the world of Alefgard and the worlds of Dragon Quest VII and IX, which were created by Rubiss, God and Zenus respectively. Humans in the series have formed religions associated with her, which they access through the holy sites of churches and their various services; however, it would seem that all races, even demons, at least acknowledge her. Castles everywhere frequently showcase the Goddess depicted in statue, and churches often use the trident-shaped symbol to represent her (however this symbol is also used with other major gods in the series). 

Silent Hill: The Order

The religion most people think of when they look at The Order. Like Christianity, The Order calls their deity "God". Both Gods are Savior deities who are believed to one day return to Earth and give believers (or all of humanity, depending on one's interpretations) eternal life and happiness. The Order also has similarities with Catholicism specifically. The clergy performs confessionals like Catholics do. Both believe in Purgatory. Some pointed out Gnostic themes in Silent Hill. The Order believes this world to be a Hell whereas the more fantastic Otherworld is a pleasant realm, just as Gnostic believe the physical world to be an inferior world. This is, however, reversed in that the Otherworld is actually a Hellish realm whereas the glimpses we have of the real world is it being a normal place. Near the end of Silent Hill 3, Heather reads part of a book on Tarot. It mentions the "Gardner deck." This is lively a reference to the Gerald Gardner, one of the founders of Wicca. The creators have stated that The Order was partially off of Mesoamerican rituals and beliefs. We see this in The Order's practice of human sacrifice, especially when Heather pours blood on the altar found in the Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital. The Otherworld is a term from Celtic paganism. In Celtic paganism, the Otherworld was a magical place when fairies, gods and other magical creatures lived. Some also believed it was the Celtic afterlife. Another possible influence is the Shinto religion. In Shintoism, there is a believe in "Kami." "Kami" is often mistranslated as "god", but it's actually more complex than that. Some have pointed out The Order has similarities to Satanism. Both religions believe in the Occult and try to attain Occult powers. When the God was expelled from Alessa in the first game, it created the Incubus, which looks like the Baphomet, a figure associated with Satanism and the Left Hand Path. The first game contains Kabballistic references in the form of a puzzle. 

Chrono Series - New Age Evolution and the Dragon gods

The New Age movement teaches that we are evolving into Godhood. This is taught in a book called "The Indigo Child" by Lee Carol and John Tobor. Of course, this game also mentions the teaching of evolution within the story line. Much of this stems from Eastern Paganism and of course, its to be expected. Also, you meet up with dragon gods in the game and defeat each one of them. It's a very fun game I wouldn't take seriously when it comes to religion. Chrono Cross, overall has a good story line.

Final Fantasy - Paganism and Evil Churches

You don't want to get me started on this one. Like Silent Hill, Final Fantasy has a ton of religious elements woven into the story lines. Some stem from evolution, New Age, Christianity, Paganism, Catholicism, and Wicca. It even involves evil churches as well. It doesn't speak too highly of churches or religion and often times frowns down on Christianity (along with most games that come from Japan). To check out the different elements here is the source.

Sorry for my book, but in case you haven't noticed; these all have religion in them. I would also like to point out that they are some of the most popular and well known games on the market. They are among the best sellers as well. So what's the big deal about religion in games?

(( I believe that a depiction of religion is fine but not a game wholly based on religious foundations.))

Too late buddy. It's already happened. And I will give you the spoiler alert. It's not Christianity. It's mostly eastern religion and new age philosophy. How can this be tolerated?

((You may not know but an old Gameboy game called Exodus was based on Moses as he was set about certain "tasks" to fulfill his god's command. The game tanked in sales and was soon taken off all retail shelves because parents didn't like what it was "teaching" their kids.)) 

If you say you want to keep religion out of it, then you better be consistent. That statement should also include all religion, not just Christianity. Yet the world accepts all other religions as "ok" in games, and not offensive. So why not talk about Bible stories also? Why is this so offensive? I am going to spell it out, it's not religion that people get beat mad over. It's the root of what true Christianity teaches: responsibility for your own actions and that there are consequences when you don't. To acknowledge the creator and his sovereignty is to also admit that we are wrong and he is right. I realizes there will be those who don't agree with it. That is a given. But you know something? They aren't the audience I'm trying to reach out to. Here is something I covered on my previous blogs: "Know your audience." My audiences are people who want that alternative and are sick and tired of the political correctness that is being pushed on them through the media. Christians have had their faith attacked through many things, and this includes the anti-Christian stance that many of these video game represent.

((I will take it upon myself and say for the general populace of gamers that we do not need or want a heavy religious game or alternative.))

Now, does this statement accurately describe the entire game community? Of course it doesn't. I want to address, as I have stated previously; ChristiAnime is about providing a godly alternative, not an "overly religious" alternative. As a matter of fact, it doesn't have to be religious at all. As long as it doesn't conflict with Biblical values (unlike the mainstream), it can still go a very long way with Christian gamers and secular gamers alike. On the other hand, how can we teach Biblical values without making it sound super spiritual? These things must be used wisely and with moderation. I would also like to point out that much of the games today speak negatively about anything that has to do with Christianity, even mocks God fearing people. To me that is insulting and degrading to depict evil churches, or God believers as killers, villains, or demons. This is why we want to provide an alternative for our kids. This is why we need it. Yes there are religious hypocrites, but the actions of some don't speak for all. And how can you claim to be a follower of Christ if you go out and kill innocent people? Think about it. Jesus never taught his followers to hate people or kill them! 

I realize that not everyone is going to want this. And that's fine if you don't, but Christians feel and think different. We speak from a Biblical perspective to other Christian gamers and Otakus who would like to see more wholesome aspects in what they love, not to those who think that they are speaking for the general populace of gamers by saying: "We do not need or want your alternative". Here is what we really don't need: We don't need sexual content, filthy language, swearing, extreme blood and violence, New Age philosophies, eastern religion, the mocking of church and faith in God, hentai, political correctness agenda, occult, demonology, or any other obscene or offensive material. And for those who want that alternative: I'm talking to them. And likewise, I have also wanted an alternative for many years. So I am creating my own. I also have come across many Christian gamers and anime fans who have felt the same way.

(("Get over it! They believe something different than you! Christians get offended over every little thing!"))

I'll have to say, even if these games portray other religions in them, even if they attack Christianity; it really doesn't bother me at all. To me, it's someone else's opinion. That's all it is. But if it teaches Christianity it's offensive? I had a friend that told me about Xenogears. He wouldn't tell me what it taught him. So I did a little bit of my own research. And he told me "It really got me to thinking about some things." I'll have to say, they have an even greater influence on young minds than ever before. So, I will have to disagree with your position that "we don't need an alternative."

The funny thing is that the same people with your argument are the same people that would like to shut me down for pointing out some of these Eastern religions and New Age ideas being taught within games and anime (especially if they attack Christianity), saying: "If you don't like them, don't play them!" Fair enough! Now let us make an alternative that we know will teach our children better things and help them to grow spiritually! 

As James Brightman quoted:

"Sometimes you need to take those risks and do what you need to do to satisfy the game that you're trying to make and the vision you're trying to follow. It might not always satisfy people."

God bless!

Ezmyreld May 30 '16 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 2 · Tags: religion, games, gaming

Ever since I discovered the 1st Nintendo that came out in the 1980s, I’ve been a gamer ever since. In the beginning, it was all about fun, storytelling, and entertainment. I’ve seen video games develop over the years. And in the late 90s to the mid 00s, I have seen some great games released. The graphics improved, the character designed improved. It became more rounded, almost like a movie, but you were the character in it. Made it all the more fun! I was a role player. I loved RPGs as they were some of my favorite games in the world. They include the Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, the Chrono series, and so much more! Later I got into online games such as Mabinogi, Aura Kingdom, and Dragon Ball online! Fun games!

I am writing this message as a defense of the platform I love most, gaming. And since I am a gamer, I have been outraged since I found out what the powers that be want to do with the gaming industry! It makes my blood boil. Nevertheless, I am spelling it out! I would like to inspire others to open their eyes and ears to what is happening with the entertainment industry as a whole. This includes the gaming platform. Gaming may seem to be a minor problem, but kids are going to play them. We have to admit, gaming to some kids; is their world, imagination, and what they think about. I even remember as a kid thinking about how I can’t wait to get home so I could play my favorite game. I was very much into the stories, and often times I would watch game related shows I loved such as Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. Super Show! These were fun. But here is what we are facing today. The gaming industry is now being hijacked by the powers that be (illuminati), which will ruin it completely.

First off, I want to explain what the Illuminati are. It is a group of Luciferians that are attempting to take control of this world. It may sound like a crazy laughable conspiracy, but the powers that be are currently on their way to build a feudal, fascist New World Order where you and I are slaves, ruled by a small group of elite (Luciferians). It’s not hard to see once you do your research and look at the evidence around you. Since my research on this, I have come to the conclusion that these guys will also play a role in the one world government and N.W.O. If we don’t wake up to this, the New World Order will deceive us all into their mind control propaganda. And as the New Age religion does, it will trick you into devil worship. Why do I say this? Because that’s their religion. They follow Lucifer.

The Illuminati (The Enlightened Ones) go back as far as 1776. They were a secret society founded in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. It goes back further than that as far as the royal dynasties, traced through the Medieval feudalism in Europe, ancient Rome, and possibly even beyond that!  The purpose of the Illuminati was to take control of people’s lives through Freemasonic brotherhoods. George Washington also was a Freemason, and warned about the Illuminati. It started taking place during his lifetime. The Illuminati has taken control of the banking systems, politics, the entertainment industry, several western nations, and even the United Kingdom. It is said that they were responsible for wars such as the rise of the British Empire and French Revolution. They completely fabricated and funded both sides in those two death and bloodshed events. Today, the influence of the Illuminati is great in the Americas, and also in Europe. They use their control in the European Union (Bilderberg Group). The top of their pyramid symbol stands for the elite, which are only just a few clans. One of them is the Rothschild family. Another is the British royal family. The Rockefellers and Bush family are also a part of it as well. To them, bloodlines are important. It is said that they are in direct bloodline with the Nephilim, or the fallen angels who sinned against humanity with human women. If you do not join, or if you aren’t born into the family, you are not elected or chosen. Democracy is just a show off propaganda for the masses that pretend to suit their needs for the here and the now, but they are determined to destroy it ultimately ending in a world-wide, fascist dictatorship. It’s called the New World Order. The Bible also speaks about this in Daniel and Revelations for those who want to study Eschatology.  

This is what is important to the elite, their god Lucifer; their Satanism and occultism. No matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Catholic, or Muslim, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. It is their belief, and we need to understand that. Albert Pike, Aleister Crowley, and Anton LaVey are all Freemasons with high degrees. They take heavy influence in eastern religion. One of the main ones is the New Age religion. It was started by Theosophy and is nothing more than a different version of Luciferianism, which holds Lucifer as higher than Jesus, and views Jesus as just a man who exceeded crystal consciousness, or an extra-terrestrial. They believe that Lucifer is an angel of light who helped mankind escape from a tyrant God who wanted to enslave mankind and not supply them with the knowledge that they deserved. Therefore, Satan, the so called good guy; gave it to them.  Freemasonry also falls under the same category as Satanism, which suggests that they are working to bring mankind to enlightenment and scientific reasoning.

Their occult symbolism is easily recognized and seen everywhere on the mainstream entertainment. This includes the “OK sign”, which stands for 666, “The Beast Horns” which is made by the extension of the index finger and pinky. This symbolizes the Illuminati. Triangles, pyramids, the All Seeing Eye, owls and pentagrams; and masonic symbols). They use these images to flash across screens of the “useless eaters” as they would call us. They do this for mind control purposes and programming the mind, and desensitization. It is vital that we must realize that just because someone uses one of these symbols does not mean that they are an illuminati puppet. Some people may have a misunderstanding of all of these things and have been conditioned in their minds that it is just a cool hype they do on TV, music videos, movies, or games. 

There is a significant difference between believing the mainstream media propaganda vomit, and the so called conspiracy movement, or alternative news. The mainstream media just tells you only what they want you to hear, but every alternative news broadcast I’ve ever heard are suggesting “go research it yourself“. As I did, I came to the realization that a lot of the shows that we are watching on TV, the movies that we are watching, the music that we are listening to and even the games I loved and spent my time on were full of the elitist satanic propaganda.

What a better way to control the masses than video games? After all, they are so much better than movies and music. As a matter of fact, games are interactive, which means you make the player think he’s in control, rather than the programmer of the game forcing him through a series of events that will actually force him to go through certain options and choices. Though this is the reality, he will see them as his own. He’s been duped into believing that’s true. And after making those options and choices, in real life; they stick with the person’s sub conscious while working to influence that person’s daily life. What we allow to infiltrate through our minds is what we become.

In Breath of Fire III I am forced to bow down to a statue and pray to it. No other option. There are other games that force the player to do worse things like making deals with demons. It is apparent that there is something going on there.

Though gaming is one of the things that will be used for mind control (as well as TV, music, books, etc.), I will also discuss what we can do to solve the issue. We MUST create our own set of stories, games, sequels, and so on. If we ever want to influence those with the gospel, we need to beat the devil at his game. Instead of compartmentalizing our God, we need to include him even in our fun. He is, after all; the reason we have hope. That is what this site is all about, providing a Godly alternative, and bringing a great message with it that will help kids learn more about the truth! If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Though I risk getting some of my favorite games criticized, I thought I would let everyone one know!

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First off, I've been trying to figure out just how to write a christian science fiction/fantasy manga series. It's going to have some fantasy characters in it as well. My first I'll be posting more on this series soon! The first of the story, however; is going to be centered around the planet earth, and the human race, as well as an extra Celestial race call the Ennoukai (angels). Also, I wondered how to center it around Christian values, which I was planning on doing? How do you write a science fiction christian novel? Alot of the time, Christian publishers have rejected such novels with extra terrestrial life and futuristic technology. But I say you can write it in such a way that it does not go against any Biblical teachings at all. For example, the Bible speaks about the 1000 year reign of Christ after the second coming. When we see this happening in our story, what could we imagine taking place at this time? What about after the 1000 year reign and the New Earth? What would happen then after Satan is defeated, and the human race is saved for good? Of course, exploration time!!! God made the universe for us to explore, expand, and discover! It seems that the more we discover now, the more we find out about how much we don't know. This is the kind of format I plan to use in my Science Fiction Novel with a Biblical twist. I plan to post the story on www.wattpad.com/ezmyreld. Secondly, I want to talk about my art and background style of choice in this series. First, I want to talk about my greatest inspiration on that. I am a big fan of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series (aside from the crude jokes on the first series), Dragon Quest, and Chrono Trigger video game series. I love his art style, and I am thinking about borrowing but modifying it. Kind of use it to come up with some of my own ideas and put my style into it. It definitely wouldn't hurt as long as I come up with my own characters and story. The only downside on it is I don't want to be accused of plagiarism or copyright infringement, so yes, modifying this art style is a must. But his art and story series is the greatest inspiration to me. One thing I like about his stories is how he melds the dinosaur stone age and futuristic technology with fantasy/scifi plots. I think that I may use that type of world for my story as well. I think it's awesome! I also love the Dragon Ball Online game created with his anime story in it, and the character interactions especially. It really inspires me to get with the program on my new manga fantasy/scifi series and start using my own creative juices. I will be posting my new manga art on it here soon! If anyone has any suggestions on this, be sure to comment below! I'll be keeping everyone posted on this! (This artwork acredited to Akira Toriyama)
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As you all know, I am a Westerner who has always wanted to be a manga artist ('Mangaka' in Japanese) since Anime came to America back in the 1990s. I had big dreams to see my very own manga graphic novel published and created right here in good old America, become one of the top selling novelists, see my work go viral in the video game industry, and finally have them animated in full color with screaming fans everywhere anticipating for the most popular Christian Anime show created yet. But to accomplish such a task, I had to find out how to make the most authentic manga/anime that fans could get a hold of, and steer away from anything that would be pointed out as a Manga "wannabe" or stuff that would be classified as not being a real manga or anime production. Today, manga publishing companies such as Tokyopop have already risen up a generation of fans who are all hyped up on authenticity, and if it is origianlly in English (OIE), it is considered "not a real manga", especially if it's Christian. Would mine fall under that category? After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that my novels won't be Japanese, or reflect the culture of Japan in any way. So can a Westerner or any other non-Japanese writer succeed in the Manga industry? How can this be possible?


Let's face it. the most popular manga graphic novels and anime productions, up to this point, have always been written and drawn by Japanese artists for a Japanese audience. Am I right? Of course! And to top that one off, Christianity is next to unheard of in them, and if it is, people say: "That is so not a manga, just a book written by Westerners trying to convince people to follow their religion." Many assume the importance of authenticity to the Japanese culture, traditions, Eastern religious roots in the manga industry because it brings out the full experience that only comes with that. Assumptions like these also ignore the fact that the style of manga can also be used to express anything you want, including culture, faith, and personal experience. You just have to possess the skills needed to create that style, and stick with it. Although manga originated in Japan, it has also been enjoyed in various countries all around the world, inspiring other non-Japanese manga fans to create their own set of stories and sequels.

In the introduction of an article I read called "Why You Will Never Create a Successful Manga" speaks negatively about Westerners or non-Japanese manga artist "wannabes" trying to blend Western culture with Japan's. The quote that was brought up made it clear: "Any attempt to hybridize Western and Japanese culture is going to fail miserably, especially when compared to your goal of reaching those fourteen or fifteen million volumes of Dragon Ball." This assured his readers that, some people including Westerners, have no business attempting to write a manga because they knew nothing about Japanese culture. He also assured them that they could never be successful in the manga industry because they didn't truely know their audience. Of course, there are those people out there that have attempted to imitate the Japanese culture in their writings to try and make it as authentic as possible. Why? Because we are told: "If it isn't written according to Japanese culture, it isn't an authentic manga." If you were trying to imitate a culture you have little understanding of, then yes, that would be a valid argument for all the above reasons. Having said that, don't these stories reflect their own culture and set of values without having to imitate another? And are they widely accepted all around the world? If the answer is a solid yes, then why should Westerners see the need to write their manga stories according to another culture to be accepted by others? Why can't the style of manga also be used to express other cultural settings? At what point do we say: "This is a manga, and this is not because of cultural differences"? The writer obvoiously wasn't considering an answer for any of these questions because it would undermine his argument that only Japanese mangaka could truly be successful, otherwise it wasn't anything he was willing to consider a manga. Having addressed the issue of writing according to one's own experience in culture only for a short sentence "know your audience", he reverted to form: "You'll never create the next Neruto, Bleach, or Dragon Ball because the only successes in the manga industry are one thing you aren't, Japanese."


The fact that there are various talented artists and writers all around the world, including in the Americas; should be enough to combat any opposition that we can't do it because we aren't Japanese. Is that really the key ingredient to make a truly unique and amazing manga story? Or have we been so caught up into tradition that we forgot what it takes to really create an out-of-this-world graphic novel that will inspire many? Our own national history up to the present day has proven over again that we can become familiar with and learn to love a host of different artistic and unique styles, adapt to, and learn to be successful in every one of them. Yet many manga and anime fans are willing to dismiss anything that does not measure up to those set standards. They do not see how much opposition that comes against an aspiring manga artist who does not seek to hold certain cultural traditions in their art. After all, manga and anime originated from Japan, right? And although the may be true, it still doesn't undermine the fact that the style of manga can be used to express any culture, idea, value, faith, genre, nationality, age group, or anything you want. Yes, manga may have started out in Japan in the old days where it was only largely a part of that culture, but now that it has been widespread around the world, we have now moved into a new era and a new generation of manga fans of every race and nationality who have discovered it's unique style and have been inspired by these big eyed characters! More and more people, especially in America, are aspiring to adopt the Japanese way of drawing these amazing and beautiful works of art, and many are even looking into becoming successful in the manga field! And as our world is adjusting to a higher demand, more manga artists are arising form every corning of the world to recreate this amazing style while still holding to their own cultural roots.


In a world that holds so strongly to tradition on this particular form of art, I don't think it's of any surprise that American manga artists are underestimated in the industry, and vastly underrepresented because we have yet to risen to as much success as Bleach, Naruto, and Akira toriyama's Dragon Ball series. The generations that have grown up with these type of stories have learned all about the Japanese culture, and Easter religious roots, which has been pointed out as being what manga is, giving Westerners a very limited corner of the universe to express themselves and their own cultures with what they love most! Indeed, the expression of aspiring non-Japanese manga artists today are finding out just how difficult the process can be to make their own way into this field of art, and are often told that they are better off learning to write an American or European comic book, and even then, don't try to be successful. "Japan Anime" is "Anime made in Japan", they say. It means just that. For non-Japanese or Western artists it may take some time to find a way to be included in the top sellers list because we are breaking the rules. After all, we aren't Japanese. But shouldn't there be a manga for every audience? So let us prove them wrong! The truth be said, being Japanese has nothing to do with whether or not you are a good manga artist. Follow your dreams, work to achieve them, dedicate yourself, and you will succeed. And if you fail, try doing it a different way. Don't be bummed out because Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series is more popular than your new novel. It may not start out that way. It takes time to create such an amazing story series, as it did with his successful manga series. And as you grow in your work, so will your fans! Just because it is something that one person isn't a fan of doesn't mean that it won't be valued by others. After all, there is a manga for every audience!


The message is clear. Writing according to your own experience is a must, especially when writing your own manga. Create your own authenticity. It's not about being Japanese. It's about expressing your own individuality in the style of manga, and making the most of it.

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Upfront, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a Manga & Anime fan since the style came to America in the late 1990s. From that point forward I fell in love with the big and beautiful eyes, the colorful animation, storylines that spark the imagination, the unique character personalities, and even the action. This form of art really inspired me, and I began to adopt the style myself and started creating my own manga characters and world. I also wanted to see wholesome Manga artwork, watch top notch Anime, and get a hold of some great Manga graphic novels with a Christian based theme to it, Biblical moral lessons, and enjoyable story lines that influence in a godly perspective. Furthermore, I was quite strict on what the content was in anything and everything that I viewed, and that included Manga and Japan Anime. I am the type of person who searches for something of real value that holds good morals, and bristle at themes that promote false religion, paganism, immodest apparel on women and girls, magic and witchcraft, homosexual themes, extreme violence and blood, swearing, and sensuality! Yet, no matter where I looked; I found exactly that in Anime. I was disappointed to find that there were little or no Christian values taught in Anime at the time. What I did find, however; was shocking!Many people say “It’s just a show. It’s just a game. It’s just a book. It’s not real anyway, so what’s the harm in that?” A question like this ignores the fact that shows, games, books, music, etc. have been shown to influence children in many different ways. What these influences can do sometimes go beyond what a writer, manga-ka, or anime artist intends, instilling personal and cultural values, and subliminal messages in children through story themes that are so subtle that most of the time we aren't even aware of it. “Moral Lessons” are extremely important: They are our framework for seeing and understanding the difference between good and evil, and how we must respond to such.In the mindset of the world, we are told that these stories were designed to entertain, nothing more, and that they are just a work of pure fiction to give the mind imagination. In the introduction of an Anime show called “Dragon Ball” I had watch a few years back, the author of the book/anime had weaved some crude sexual humor into the story-line. Even in the actual video game it exploited these jokes visually. It seemed that the author was so anxious to demonstrate his thoughts and views on women to assure his readers that, despite the fact that children are viewing this; women stereotypes are nothing but nags and that it is an acceptable thing to exploit them. He was making a conscious decision to use these themes to represent his view upon the readers for reason of entertainment, imagination, and to add humor into the story. That’s what makes entertainment all the better, right? More crude jokes, themes with eastern religious roots, and the power of suggestion to tap into supernatural powers such as Chi or Ki energy (a real element used in Chinese witchcraft practice), and the belief that these energies come from within a person. These themes have become very popular through this form of entertainment. I nearly got caught up into all of that myself after I watched just a few episodes. The question finally came up: “What is the actual Moral lesson to the story?” As I became familiar with Biblical teaching; I was able to recognize and resist New Age philosophies. Unfortunately, there are more who don’t realize what hook there is in the entertainment industry, and how it can influence children, young people, even some young adults.The very mention of “entertainment” as the generic word for fiction and imagination ought to be enough to combat any arguments that we should think that it’s no big deal because we all know “It’s just a show. It’s just a game. It’s just a book. It’s not real anyway, so what’s the harm in that?” Just because this is a popular viewpoint among many does not mean that it has no power to change the mind and values of children. Do these things really make entertainment all that much better, or are we so used to seeing perversion and filth in our entertainment today that we don’t notice it anymore? About forty years back in history we as a nation would not have allowed this kind of behavior in entertainment. That was back before we have become so immersed in a mindset that these things are acceptable, that we think it’s no big deal. Our own entertainment industry has allowed immorality to set the stage on television, theaters, books, and shows through subtlety. And as we became more comfortable with a host of words, attitudes, and unjust behavior, now we are allowing our children to sit in front of it?! God forbid! Throughout the ages, scoffers deemed people who had moral stance as too stuffy, picky, and strict. Than the entertainment industry began to step in and started letting a little bit of morality out, and letting a little bit of subtle behavior, crude jokes, and suggestive themes in. After all, weren't there more important things to worry about, like how we live our lives and how we treat other people? But the entertainment industry recognized that in order to change the morals and values of people, they must use the entertainment propaganda to advertise and promote such behaviors that were contrary to moral stance – a mindset lacking in value, moral boundaries, and encouraging people to let go of all restrains. After all, Christian values were just another way of looking at things, and those values should not be imposed on someone else through entertainment. It would have sounded better in the old days when immorality was unacceptable and deemed as shameful, and morality was thought of as blatant! But now we have adjusted to this mindset, and now are allowing it to seep into our children’s entertainment. And with each generation forward, immoral promotion through entertainment is becoming more accepted than ever before, and considered to be of the norm! In a world that reflects the opposite values, I don’t think it is a coincidence that wholesome Manga and Anime are very hard to come by, and vastly underrepresented in the mainstream entertainment. Children are growing up learning of a mindset that makes immorality look good and of the norm, and all the while deeming morality to be this abnormal strict and boring lifestyle, therefore; keeping the Christian Manga section very limited. Indeed, the content found on most non-Christian Manga graphic novels and Anime are definitely promoting everything that the entertainment industry is, and it is working against children to keep them in such a mindset. It is time for Christian artist to stand up and bring morality back to our world, and to our children! Though the entertainment industry had fought for decades to bring an ungodly mindset into people’s way of thinking; it is going to take some effort to start promoting godliness and reclaim this generation of Children, and the generations to come; back to morality and a godly mindset!

Here is a Christian Anime called "Light Rangers". Very beautiful anime style graphics. The game setting is in Angeltown, where Angel, Amos, and A.J. must defend the world from Maniac Brainiac and his minions, Vanna Vanity, Fast Forward, Dr. Nono and Mimi Me. They pride impatience, disobedience and selfishness and carry out their plans through such actions as putting up more advertisements with prideful messages of conceit and programming toys that make children become impatient. The Light Rangers must clean up those dastardly deeds through a series of missions, gaining power along the way by correctly answering trivia questions about Bible passages.

This Manga is called "Shelter of Wings" written by Lisa Hutchinson and owned by Gold Plum Studios! A whole book has been completed so far. The storyline is very captivating as it is told form an angel's point of view. This is a must read for any Christian Manga fan out there. Check out their website.

This anime music video (AMV) - or Revelations Song recorded by Steve and Sandi Padilla, the song was made popular by Kari Jobe and Gateway Worship. This is a very touching music video that can get children into an atmosphere of worship. The anointing is powerful!

The Message is clear to all Christian artists, manga-kas, novelists, story writers. If we are going to start bringing back morality in our children again, it is up to us to start taking seriously the talents that God has given us! The children NEED a godly alternative from the worldly mindset that is being promoted in the mainstream media, and the most popular is Manga and Anime! That is what the art of wholesome Manga & Anime is all about, reaching kids, and giving them an alternative! However, if we continue to deem this as unimportant, or continue to allow our children to view things that reflect the worldly values and immorality; we will never be able to pull them away from it, or unhook them from Satan’s grasp!

My dream is to start a Christian Manga/Anime site to promote the artwork of Christian Manga-kas all around the world, and to get them exposed and published! Today I am working on a manga graphic novel called "Sacred Oracles" dedicated towards tweens. It is a medieval time story that will teach morals to children. I have the written version of my story posted on wattpad

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