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As you all are aware, I have been attending Full Sail University for the past two and a half years in the Game Art degree program. Now I am getting closed to the finished line. I have obtained a number of skills and here I will list three of them.  Here is what you will need to know t be a game artist. 

  • In game modeling

I have learned to 3D model with both Maya and Blender software. Both of them have very different interfaces. I would highly recommend Blender game kit for personal use and Maya for business. 

Here I have learned how to do both hard surface models and organic models. Hard surface models are usually the easiest to create. If you want to create more organic models such as plants, people and animals, you will have to get familiar with Zbrush, a sculpting program that allows you to create these things. You can also use the program to sculpt on hard surface objects to add information, and paint them. 

We must remember, that in sculpting, we aren’t dealing with vertices, edges and faces. But we are sculpting objects that ultimately convert into 3D models you can rig for animation, and use for anything your heart desires. Blender also has a sculpting program built in it. 

  • Physically Based Materials

When creating materials for your meshes, you will need three programs. 

Substance designer: This software is used to create material using nodes. These nodes can connect with one another. You can add a seamless texture as a bitmap to start off with. You can add effects, grunge, scratches, rust, blend materials together and more. You can create anything from metal, grovel and dirt, to brick, fabric, leather, fur, plant based maps and so much more! These can be added to low resolution models for games and reflect information that looks super realistic. You can even create your own in photo shop. In the graph you see here, you connect them to output nodes to get your desired result. You export these maps and use them as tiled textures on your meshes in Unreal Game Engine. You can even use them to in substance painter!

Substance Painter is a program you use to put different textures onto your model. You can even add height information, alphas, metallic material, fabric, damage, and more. You can add emissive (glowing) information to the model, use masks to help you with painting the model, and even use this to back high resolution information onto low resolution models. The possibilities are endless. You can export this information and bring the maps into unreal game engine. It will naturally wrap around your object just as you painted it on. Just make sure your UV maps are not overlapping and are well mapped out for the object. 

Bitmap 2 Material helps you create seamless textures out of your photoshoots. Take a look at the world around you and the textures. You can make almost anything into a seamless texture. This program can give you a helping hand in that department. You can create virtually any texture you want. These bitmaps can be used to generate information in Substance designer, giving you the ability to add even more realistic detail to the object so it will jump out at you in your created video game. 

  • Pipeline for creating a basic environment in UE4

In order to create a basic environment in UE4, you will need to know the basics of modeling and adding information on those models, as I have previously discussed. But you will also need to know about lighting and how to change the atmosphere within the game engine, which makes it even more fun to create! You can add IBLs (which is a huge dome that wraps around your world and reflects a certain environment). You can also use UE4 in game atmosphere and fog. I love how we have weather patterns and sun lighting built right into the UE4 software. Get to know how to use it and you will be able to create an environment with style!


Of course, there is a whole lot more you can do with UE4 besides add an atmosphere and models. You can also do programming which is in a completely different department, but is equally needed in the game industry. 

I will be adding some photos to this blog soon! Get ready to be wowed! 

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