Avalon Code RPG

Apr 1 '16 | By Ezmyreld
Avalon Code RPG

I'll have to say, this is one of the most fun and addicting RPGs I've ever played. I'd say it's a must have for any RPG fan out there, especially those who love romantic story lines, role playing fun, and challenging bosses. If you love Legend of Zelda, Rune Factory, or Final Fantasy classic, you will love Avalon Code for Nintendo DS. Yes it is an older game, but it is so much fun, and I still have it on hand whenever I feel adventurous!

The story line is about a child who was chosen by the Book of Prophesy who is used to record what is of true value inside the book by scanning objects, people, and animals. The former world is going to be destroyed along with it's wickedness, and an new one will be created. The protagonist decides what the new world will be like. It kind of sound parallel to some biblical aspects, as God in the old and new testament tells his people that he will eventually make all things new, and that those who are chosen will be a part of it.

I don't know about you, but I was always bothered about some of the old video games here in America which mostly depicted a male protagonist. And since I am a girl, I always wanted to play as a female protagonist. This is what I love about Avalon Code (and Rune Factory): You can choose to be a boy (Yumil) or girl (Tia). Of course, I always choose Tia (and you can change their names if it suites your fancy).

Romance and Building Friendship With NPCs.

Of course, choosing to be a boy or girl doesn't affect the story line. The difference will only be the characters who will love you. If you choose to a gender, there will be four different characters of the opposite gender who you can develop close friendships with or even romantic relationships. You can choose between 5 different characters for your romance. You develop your level of friendship when you talk to them, of course; and give them the gifts that they like. You can also play mini games with them which are also fun. You can find what they like in the Book of Prophesy you'll be carrying around with you. Speaking of that, let me explain that:

The Book of Prophesy

In the beginning, you will be napping in the fields when you see a mysterious bookmark land on the ground. You grab it and observe it. Suddenly a weird looking book appears before your eyes, and it has eyes (kind of creepy). With this book, you can scan objects and people to get information about them, whether it be flowers, weapons, items, monsters, people, you name it. With these, you will have different codes under each object, and they contain the following: Snake, cat, dog, fire, ice, light, hope, fate, darkness, lightning, and so on. With these codes, you can create different weapons, armory, items, and even change the code under a friend's profile whom you wish to bring forth a certain effect, for example, your friend might be struggling with selfishness. The book tells you what codes to use to crack the selfish code under your friend's profile. Very interesting how that parallels with some biblical stuff.

But one thing I really enjoyed was being able to scan stone tablets and receive puzzles you had to figure out before getting the actual metalize. Sometimes I'd get a little frustrated. But nevertheless, it does have some mini puzzles you can solve to get them. 
Also, you can use the book to defeat your enemies. There are four different spirits of the Book of Prophecy. Their names are Ur, Neaki, Meilei, and Rempo. They are the ones who actually fight for you. They help you on your journey, and even show you how to use the book properly. The funny thing is, you can even develop relationships with them, even romantic ones which I think was rather bizarre. Just my opinion though. Whatever weapon, or item you create, you can pull right out of the book. You find the four spirits at different parts of the story and they all have a different role. You can switch between them in the game to be your mentor.
There is a point in the game where you have to find all four of them. But, nevertheless, you'll enjoy it. Loads of fun!

So back to the storyline. Eventually, you'll meet a Prince named Valdo who is possessed by a demon spirit called Kallerivo, who used to be a giant that ruled the earth. He eventually tried to resurrect his own body, and you have to defeat him in his giant form. Another biblical parallel is that the book is not like human spells/magic, as it is mentioned by one of the spirits. He tells you that after the witch, Nanai; tries to compare the power of the book to her magic. Very interesting I thought. How that does apply to the word of God in a very Biblical way. Love the fact that there are is so much in this game that also teaches values that are similar to Christianity. But enough said you will enjoy this amazing game. It has a lot of biblical parallels that will get you thinking. I will rate it E for everyone. 

Another thing is the bosses and side quests. You'll have plenty of that which will keep you busy with loads of gameplay for hours. It actually has nothing to do with the storyline. Just adds action and subplots which are always nice to have on the side of the main quest. A newspaper will pop up on your screen to keep you updated on what's going on at the time. So, get a copy of this game. You won't regret it!



Dec 28 '16
I have this game. Great story!
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