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We will be providing reviews for anime titles, games, manga, vocaloid music, and much more!

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Christians who are Anime & Manga fans


We love Japan Anime and it's comic counterpart, manga; and who doesn't? We would also like to see Christian values taught and promoted in what we love! This is the place to go find it!

Christians Mangakas & Anime Artist


We welcome writers, artists, animators, music producers, game developers & designers, and so much more! The content that you will find on this site will be biblically sound. Our artists vary from all around the world! Our goal is to feature only the best Christian Anime and Christian Manga created.

An Online Community


Whether you are an artist or a fan, you can connect with others of the same interests, and get feedback from other members!

Open Source


We are proud to announce that we are launching our very own Christian anime social network for fans and artists alike. We are not just one person, but a team of artists coming together in one place with one goal in mind! We are teaming up to bring together a host of different projects that will have a great message to bring! We are looking forward to talented artists just like you to make it happen! So join us today! Make sure you read our mission statment, terms of use, and forum rules before joining!

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